About Us

Welcome to RTA Cabinet Reviews! The goal of this site is to provide you with an accessible, objective perspective on the wide variety of Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinet models available online from different distributors.

The system developed and utilized by this site focuses on the quality of each cabinet reviewed in terms of aesthetics, potential storage, durability, and ease of assembly. The grading scale is a point system allowing for a score up to 5.0. Although the retail rate of each unit reviewed is taken into account, price neither harms nor aids the given final score. This is for two reasons: 1) Online cabinet distributors are constantly offering deals so it is illogical to grade an item with price as part of the criteria when said price is liable to change at any point, and 2) To be completely objective concerning the quality and build of the cabinets reviewed, it is necessary to set aside monetary value. The most expensive cabinets are not always the best quality just as the more economical cabinets do not guarantee a subpar product.

When an individual is shopping for a cabinet style or specific variation of a model type to outfit his or her home, the aesthetic value of a cabinet is the first aspect where attention is paid. Price naturally comes second, but since we are looking to provide you with a review unbiased by retail rate then we must focus on what physically we can describe and show you in both positive and negative lights. For the aesthetics of a cabinet, we focus on the type of wood utilized in the build of a unit (or lack thereof), how evenly the paint and finish is applied to both the exterior face/body and interior veneer, whether or not full overlay is implemented, and the techniques used to assemble to cabinet doors as well as the cabinet frame. These seemingly vain details speak miles to the quality of the build of a cabinet and have the potential to affect the entire energy of your kitchen.

Speaking of quality, the potential storage space is essential when characterizing the quality of a particular cabinet model. The entire nexus for installing a cabinet is to provide a room with a space in which to store items that otherwise would clutter a room and bring stress to our lives. RTA Cabinet Reviews examines the amount of negative space caused by a shelf in a unit’s interior box, the depth of the drawer with which each model or variation is equipped, and whether or not a drawer has the ability to extend fully. Characteristics such as a floating half shelf, shallow drawer box, and a lack of a full-extension drawer prevent a cabinet from maximizing the valuable space they occupy in a home. On a utilitarian level, our reviews bring to light the precise measurements of each unit’s storage capabilities to provide you the reader with quantifiable facts to assist in choosing the proper cabinet that meets your expectations.

Regarding the durability of a cabinet, we here at RTA Cabinet Reviews are fully aware the importance of choosing a cabinet model that is reliable for years to come. As an expensive investment to be used on a daily basis (and at times in rather rough ways), it is impossible to understate the vitality of a unit when we depend on them to assist in keeping our homes organized and clean. Whether it be the materials composing the cabinet or the paint, finish, and veneer employed throughout the unit, our reviews will bring to light the details typically overlooked in these respects and allow individuals to gain knowledge as a consumer on the best investments for cabinet purchase.

Many people will outsource cabinet assembly to a contractor or pay extra to have the cabinet distributor assemble and install the units. Our goal in elucidating the ease with which cabinets are assembled is to provide a step-by-step guide in the event you are looking to save some money on the overall bill. Seeing as the majority of the cabinet units are fairly easy to assemble and require minimal tools, if you have the time and energy then the at-home assembly is recommended. A major indicator of the quality of a cabinet is the process of putting together the unit. From handling the hardware to snapping the dovetailing of the drawer box into place, you will get to know the cabinets you purchased on a new level when taking it from a box of individual parts to completed single unit. Each detail is handled and noted in our reviews to afford readers with the clearest conceptualization of not only how a cabinet is put together, but what can be expected of the hardware, doors, panels, and drawer boxes.

Our homes mirror our needs and lifestyles, which differ from one individual to another. The cabinet you choose for your home will accommodate your needs and enable you to live the lifestyle with which you are most comfortable. RTA Cabinet Reviews is here to educate and equip you in making the right decision regarding the cabinet that best fits you. Feel free to read, comment, and ask any questions you may have before choosing a cabinet!